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Om Air Special Gases are leading manufacturer, supplier of gas cylinder manifold and pipeline in Faridabad, India. Gas manifold safety is enhanced by removing the gas cylinder and pressure regulator handles when replacing the cylinder. Our gas manifolds are fully compatible with all air liquid regulators, ensuring that your special gas is always delivered contaminant-free.

A gas manifold is a group of gas cylinders connected in series and designed to supply gas to equipment or a building through a pipeline. Gas manifold design to distribute a gas from single cylinder to two or more cylinders. Never mix gas into the gas manifold as it may injure employees or damage equipment. The gas manifold are available in two options, first is pre-heaters and second is gas filters.

Cylinder manifold systems provide a reliable and safe way to distribute large volumes of gas. Manifold selection begins with choosing the type of manifold or control section. Om Air Special Gases as a manufacturer supplies cylinder manifolds for various fuel gases such as Acetylene, Hidrogen (hydrogen gas cylinder manifold) Nitrogen (nitrogen cylinder manifold), as well as for Oxygen (oxygen cylinder manifold system) and other high pressure compressed gases such as Nitrogen, Argon and CO2.

Benefits of Installing Gas Cylinder Manifold

  • Hassle free and time saving
  • Lower residual gases in cylinders (saves cost)
  • Streamlines the handling of gas cylinders
  • Reduces the transport cost
  • Reduces the need for space
  • Easier handling of gas cylinder during an emergency, easy shut off of entire system
  • Uninterrupted gas supply
  • Centralized gas distribution system, therefore reducing the need for individual pressure regulators or flash back resistors.
  • Safer working environment and reduces labor efforts.

We undertake complete project of cylinder manifold installation services as per clients requirements, with offers an expanded line of compressed gas manifolds, regulators, pigtails and fittings. We also high pressure or low pressure pipeline installed to carry the gas from manifold to the work floor. for more information, please feel free to contact us.