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Om Air Special Gases is a leading manufacturer, and industrial nitrogen gas supplier in Faridabad, India. in both liquid and compressed gases forms for almost 2 decades now. Nitrogen is a colorless, odorless inert gas which constitutes about 78% of the air we breathe. It is the most abundant gas available in the earth’s atmosphere. It is non-flammable and it will not support combustion.

Our company offers the highest quality nitrogen (N2) gas products with guaranteed purity and superior performance. We manufacture liquid nitrogen, compressed gas, and other related products. Our products are being used across multiple industries including pharmaceutical, food processing, chemical industry, oil & gas etc. We provide customized solutions to meet the exact requirements of our customers. N2 gas finds use mainly in blanketing, purging and chemical analysis.

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Chemical Formula      Type                      DensityMolecular Mass
N2ONon Flammable1.251 g/L at stp (0 °C and 101.325 kPa)28.0134 g/mol
Non Toxic0.808 g/cm3 (when liquid, at b.p.)

Uses of Nitrogen gas

N2 gas is chemically inert and colorless. It is mostly used in the production of fertilizer, explosives, pharmaceuticals and dry ice. The biggest use for N2 gas is in the food industry, where it helps prolong the shelf life of packaged foods.

  • It is used in many industrial applications due to its inert nature.
  • It is used as an inert carrier gas in chemical processing and welding applications.
  • Nitrogen is used in many industries as a non-toxic refrigerant and inert anesthetic gas.
  • In medicine it is used in breathing tubes and anesthesia machines.
  • Nitrogen has been used as an inert atmosphere since the 19th century and is a safe alternative to air. The key advantage of using nitrogen is that it doesn’t contain any oxygen which makes it ideal for storing food as well as cleaning equipment.
  • It is also used for filling tires, transporting food and many other applications.
  • It is indispensable for the operation of scuba diving equipment and high-speed internal combustion engines.
  • It is used in pressurized containers and aerospace applications.
  • It is used in the production of fertilizers, drugs, and synthetic rubber.
  • It is also used to inflate tires and as an inert gas.

These are some of the common uses of N2 gas. There are various other ways in which N2 gas can be used in a particular industry or process. Our teams of industry professionals including procuring agents and quality controllers ensure that client’s specifications are met.

Nitrogen Gas Supplier in Faridabad

Om Air Special Gases are leading manufacturer and supplier of N2 gas in both liquid and compressed gas forms. We offer various volumes of N2 gas at competitive prices. We ensure that our services and products remain top-notch, which is why we carry out regular inspections of our facilities to make sure that the gas being produced is of high quality.

The liquid nitrogen is available in three grades, namely medical grade, food grade and industrial grade depending on their purity level. We offer a range of N2 gas products including cylinders, liquid nitrogen, compressed nitrogen, liquid nitrogen, nitrogen generators, and more. We also offer other gases such as oxygen, argoncarbon dioxide, and other industrial gases.

We offer bulk supply of liquid nitrogen, as well as compressed nitrogen cylinders with a range of capacities from 1 liter to 10 meters. Our team are experts in their field and can advise you on how to best use your nitrogen gas. Please Feel to contact us.