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Cylinder Hydro Testing Station in Faridabad

We Om Air Special Gases are a well-known manufacturer, trader and supplier of high quality lab grade, calibration gases and industrial gases in Faridabad and Delhi, India. We have fully aprroveted cylinder hydro testing station in Faridabad.

hydraulic cylinder testing

Cylinder hydro testing is a process used to test the strength and integrity of pressure vessels, such as cylinders. The test involves filling the cylinder with water and then pressurizing it to a predetermined pressure. If the cylinder can withstand the pressure without leaking or deforming, it is deemed safe for use.

Hydro testing is an important safety measure, as pressure vessels can fail without warning and cause serious injury or even death. By testing the cylinders regularly, it is possible to identify any potential problems and take corrective action before an accident occurs.

Hydro testing is a process of testing the strength and integrity of a cylinder by filling it with water and measuring the pressure. This type of testing is often used for high-pressure cylinders, such as those used in scuba diving or firefighting.

There are several benefits to hydro testing cylinders. First, it is a non-destructive testing method, which means that the cylinder can be reused if it passes the test. Second, hydro testing is relatively quick and easy to do. Third, it can identify any potential weak spots or leaks in the cylinder.