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Om Air Special Gases are the leading manufacturer, trader, and supplier of high-quality gas cylinder valves in Faridabad and near Delhi, India. These valves are used for corrosive gases, because of their high torque tolerance to remove any accumulation of salts or contaminants in the operating system space, they are usually used up to 50 bar valve test pressure and Not going.

Gases stored in containers or gas supply systems are constantly on the move, and other gases in the atmosphere, as well, try to enter the container or system. Unexpected mixing and contamination of gases is not something that the gas company or the client wants to achieve and using the right regulators and valves helps control the gas.

Cylinder Valves are required to regulate the pressure and control the flow rate when the gas is to be pumped out of the cylinder. Valves is a standalone operating system and requires many tools to achieve it successfully. However, there are some innovative, convenient solutions that combine them and even into cylinders. Wherever the user wants to use a specific gas from the cylinder to reach that gas, it requires a range of valves and regulators, including additional piping and sometimes other gases, and proper processing, for example, some purification techniques. To achieve the right result.

There are a range of connections from cylinder valves to gas distribution systems based on national or international standards, designed to hold gases that cannot be separated from each other, for example, separate connections for oxygen and flammable gases. This can make the gas supply system very complicated and costly, but it is necessary to avoid potentially catastrophic and fatal accidents.

The valve is the most important part of the cylinder. The compressed gas cylinder must be fitted with at least one valve. The gas cylinder valves is probably the most unsafe part of the cylinder, which allows gases to be kept in the cylinder and also allows gas to fill or empty the cylinder, and which must be fully understood in order to increase its efficiency. There are three basic valves used in the compressed gas industry: the pressure seal valve; the packed valve; and the diaphragm valve.

There are several versions or designs available in each of the three types. For expert support please feel free to contact us.