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Gas Cylinder Banks

Om Air Special Gases are a well-known manufacturer, trader and supplier of high quality gas cylinder pallets in Faridabad, India. The gas cylinder pallets also known as gas cylinder banks or manifold cylinder palette. Cylinder pallet are used where high volume of gas is required to be fed at a regular flow rate and pressure without an interruption.

The use of conventional gas cylinders in these types of applications or industries, at one point of time becomes highly undesirable as time is wasted in in-cylinder changeover, cylinder handling, gas wastage, etc. Also, gas is required. Because of the process requirements, the use of a single cylinder becomes non-viable due to its low gas storage volume. For these types of applications, gas cylinder pallets or cylinder banks are used.

A manifold cylinder palette is a group of cylinders, all attached to each other, filled or dropped together and loaded or unloaded as a bunch. Our manufactured gas cylinder racks or cage used to store and transports the cylinders in bunch. The basic difference between the racks is that, in quads all the outlets of the cylinders are connected to each other using manifolds so that they can be used together as a whole. In the racks, all cylinders can be filled and emptied using only one outlet. The cage are used only for the safe storage or transportation of individual cylinders in a bunch.

Benefits of Gas Cylinder Pallets

  • Manifold Cylinder Pallet is mainly used for carrying gas over long distance
  • With this we can use oxygen, inert gases, nitrogen, argon, CO2 mixer gases, acetylene, hydrogen gas, etc. in gas.
  • Help in safe operation of cylinders.
  • Minimizes manual handling of cylinders.
  • Comes with a provision for forklift handling and hooks for using a crane or Hydra in a solid cage structure made of alloy steel to withstand external impacts.
  • To avoid corrosion, they can be used in offshore applications as well as in corrosive environments.
  • The system comes with a pressure gauge and filling and discharge valves.

Om Air Special Gases offers the largest variety of gas cylinder pallets to meet most industry requirements. We offer customer-specific proprietary design and manufacturing services in Faridabad, India. Our long-standing involvement in the gas industry has resulted in the largest variety of cylinder delivery pallets available. The design includes 12, 15, 16, and 18 high-pressure cylinder pallets. Each Cylinder Pallet is highly engineered, field-tested, extremely durable, and manufactured to the industry’s toughest standards. Our cylinder pallets are heavy-duty construction with a durable powder-coated finish for years of service life with a hot-dipped galvanizing option available. Our cylinder pallets are available with unique nesting, locking, and securing features for moving your heavy cylinder loads on your trucks and trailers.

There are various size available for expert advice Please feel free to contact us