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Term and Uses of Website

The use of Om Air Special Gases website is subject to the following Terms:

Trademark And Copyright, Rights Of Use

The contents of the website, including text, graphics, pictures,videos and animations, including logos and brands, and the layout of of Om Air Special Gases web pages, is protected by copyright and trademark laws governed by the Indian jurisdiction. We prohibit the unauthorized use of copying, editing or distributing, the contents of these web pages. If you may desire to use this protected intellectual property, a written permission from Om Air Special Gases is needed.

The user may exclusively produce a single copy of the website for personal or non-commercial use, provided only extracts of web site are used. This does not include public documents protected by copyright law.

Limitation Of Liability

Om Air Special Gases continuously updates and check the information available on the website. Although care is taken to produce latest information, but Om Air Special Gases does not cannot guarantee that the website is free from errors. We therefore accept no liability and furnish no guarantee that the information provided is current, complete and accurate.

Om Air Special Gases reserve the right to alter, delete or edit information on its website at any time, without prior notice. We hold no obligation and no liability to update statements on the Company’s future whatsoever.
Although, we make diligent efforts to keep web site free from virus and down-time, but Om Air Special Gases cannot offer any guarantee that it is virus-free or the site will not face interruptions.

Websites By Third Party Providers/Links

Om Air Special Gases website may contain contents, images, references and links to the third party websites. However, in no manner whatsoever, does Om Air Special Gases endorse the content of third party websites and claim for their ownership and authentisity. We shall not be held liable for injury or loss resulting from their use. For user’s convenience only, the third party links are present on the web site.