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Om Air Special Gases are leading Manufacturers, industrial oxygen gas suppliers in Faridabad, India. both in liquid and compressed gas forms. Oxygen is a colourless, odourless reactive gas and life supporting component in atmosphere at a concentration present of 21 % by volume. It is the most abundant element in the earth’s crust, mainly in the form of oxides, silicates, and carbonates. It has atomic number is 8 and boiling point is −182.962°C, −297.332°F, 90.188 K.

In air separation plants, oxygen is obtained commercially by liquefaction and distillation of the surrounding air. If ultra-high purity levels are required, a second purification process may be required. High purity oxygen can be produced by electrolysis of water. Membrane techniques are required to produce low purity oxygen.

Chemical FormulaTypeDensityMolecular Mass
O2Odorless,1.429 g/L at stp (0 °C 101.325 kPa)31.9988 g/mol
Colorless1.141 g/cm when liquid, at b.p.

PurityMaximum Impurities in PPM by Volume

Uses of Oxygen Gas

The main industrial use of oxygen is combustion. Many substances that do not normally burn in air burn in oxygen, so mixing oxygen in the air greatly increases the combustion efficiency in the iron and steel, non-ferrous, glass and concrete industries. It is combined extensively with fuel gas for cutting, welding, brazing and blowing glass, resulting in higher flame temperatures and therefore higher efficiency than air alone. Gas oxygen is used to cut steel, along with oxygen, plasma and laser processing. Oxygen is also popular in thermal lancing for drilling or cutting from materials such as concrete, brick, stone and various metals.

  • The most commercial use of oxygen gas is in the steel industry.
  • It is also widely used in the manufacture of a wide range of chemicals, including nitric acid and hydrogen peroxide.
  • It is also used to make epoxy ethane (ethylene oxide), which is used as an antifreeze, and as a precursor to polyester and chloro ethane, PVC.
  • Liquid oxygen has been used for vehicle fuel since the early 1960’s, as well as for rocket fuel combustion.
  • It is used as a respiratory gas for healthcare applications, oxygen has strong oxidizing properties, benefiting many industries by improving productivity, optimizing performance, reducing costs and reducing carbon footprint compared to other fuels.
  • Enriching oxygen or changing air also increases the efficiency of chemical and biological processes.
  • Oxygen gas is also used for metal cutting, welding, scarring, hardening, cleaning and melting, for which the fuel is combined with gases or with argon (Ar) and carbon dioxide (CO₂).
  • It is a vital component of cell growth in fermentation and bioreactor processes.
  • In the food industry, oxygen is used to keep red meat fresh, as well as to maintain its natural color.
  • Oxygen utilization processes include combustion, oxidation, fermentation, wastewater disposal, and fisheries.

These are some of the common uses of oxygen gas. There are various other ways in which oxygen gas can be used in a particular industry or process. Our teams of industry professionals including procuring agents and quality controllers ensure that client’s specifications are met. Buy High-pressure Oxygen Gas or Liquid Oxygen from leading oxygen gas manufacturers in India.

Om Air Special Gases offer compressed and liquid oxygen in various grades specific to different applications, such as:
• A minor constituent in shielding gases for welding
• An enriched atmosphere for metal fabrication
• A respiratory aid in medical applications
• A growth stimulator in bioreactors
• A minor additive in food packaging

Om Air Special Gases offers oxygen around the world in a variety of parities and supply modes, Please feel to contact us