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We Om Air Special Gases are a well-known manufacturer, trader and supplier of high quality gas cylinder, special gases, mixture, medical CO2 cylinder, cylinder gas pallet rack, and other industrial gases in Faridabad and Delhi, India.

We are a well-known Manufacturer, Trader and Supplier of high quality Gas Cylinder, Special Gases And Mixture, Medical CO2 Cylinder and Cylinder Gas Pallet And Rack

Om Air Special Gases - industrial gases supplier in delhi ncr

Om Air Special Gases have wide range of industrial gases, including Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Helium, and many others.

Om Air Special Gases - cylinders supplier in faridabad and delhi ncr

We are leading gas cylinder manufacture in Faridabad, Nitrogen cylinders, Acetylene Cylinders some of our products.

om air special gases - cylinder quads supplier in faridabad and Delhi NCR
Cylinder Quad

Om Air Special Gases are gas cylinder Banks manufacture from Faridabad, India. We provide high quality pallets for safe operations.

Industrial gas cylinder valves - Om air special gases
Cylinder Valves

We are provide high quality cylinder valves as per Indian standard, that repetitive operations for a longer period of time.

om air special gases - Cylinder Manifold supplier in Faridabad and Delhi NCR
Cylinder Manifold

We provide a full service in the cylinder manifold system with simple, safe and secure operation without wastage of gases.

Cryogenic Liquid Containers
Cryogenic Containers

Om Air Special Gases provide high quality cryogenic containers, which is easy to handle and made for safe operations.

hydraulic cylinder testing - Om Air Special Gases
Hydro Testing

We provide a full service in the cylinder hydro testing with simple, safe and secure operation without wastage of gases.